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A new watershed guide to Juneau trails, in time for the holidays!


Natural History of Juneau Trails: A Watershed Approach
By Richard Carstensen

A treat for any outdoor enthusiast.  Buy it now to support JWP and Discovery Southeast!

Use the coupon code “JWP” and profits will be split between the Juneau Watershed Partnership and Discovery Southeast.


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Available in time for the holidays, Richard Carstensen’s gorgeous new book explores the natural history of the Juneau trail system.  It makes a great gift, and for only a limited time your purchase will directly support Discovery Southeast and the Juneau Watershed Partnership.  Purchase it at
If you or someone on your gift list enjoys Juneau’s outdoors, this book is for you.  It is an all-you-can-eat information buffet for the hiker, hunter, or any student of the outdoors.  Richard’s insightful text, full color maps, and dozens of recent and historic photographs explain the landforms, water features, and natural environments Juneau residents navigate every day.  Dive in for a whole new understanding of the areas you love to explore, with one of Southeast Alaska’s foremost naturalists.
“From the moon, the CBJ looks pretty little. But in the planetary picture, it also emerges as an incomparably privileged place: of clean water, towering mountains, charismatic megafauna, and perhaps most exceptionally, a lot of healthy, wild land—Juneau stands out” Richard writes.  “Wildlands are accessed by more than 150 miles of trails serving all tastes, incomes and physical abilities, from paved, wheelchair-accessible promenades to dizzying alpine scrambles.  This little book is a salute to the jewels of our backyard watersheds.”
Natural History of Juneau Trails will be available in stores in 2014, but is available now for a limited time as a fundraiser directly from  The price is $24.00.


Use the coupon code “JWP” and profits will be split between the Juneau Watershed Partnership and Discovery Southeast.





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